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Dragon Ball means something to anyone born in the 80's. Created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, the manga Dragon Ball has been adapted in three anime: Dragon Ball (153 episodes), which narrates child Sangoku's quest for the legendary Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball Z (191 episodes), in which married Sangoku fight ennemies from all parts of the galaxy, including Freezer, Cell, and Boo, and Dragon Ball GT (64 episodes), where cursed Sangoku goes on a new quest to regain its adult body. Beside the anime, dozens of movies have been produced.


The richness of its scenario, the diversity of the moral issues faced by the characters – the sacrifice for others, the power-blindness, or the lessons of perservance and training to name a few –, and the omnipresent humor have made Dragon Ball the most popular anime ever. More than 350 million volumes of the manga have been sold worldwide. Since Dragon Ball, the theme of heroes with half-magic half-human powers has been endlessly reinterpreted by manga authors.


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