Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Zelda (ZL-65) (1989)

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Zelda (ZL-65) (1989)

SKU: ArtOwn14

Without box nor instruction manual. Made in Japan.


Zelda was released in France in August 1989. It was not released in Japan. It is, after Gold Cliff released in October 1988, the second Game & Watch to offer a "continue" option, allowing to resume a game after a period of inactivity.


In the early 80s, Gunpei Yokoi, a brilliant researcher and toy inventor at Nintendo, imagines a new kind of entertainment, Game & Watch video games. The objective is simple: attracting a mature base of players, who are looking for ways to pass time while commuting. Game & Watch video games display the time and include an alarm function. As true heroes of the video game history, Game & Watch video games are fiercely disputed among collectors from all over the world. 

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