Dragon Ball's Sangoku anime cel
Sangoku vs. Freeza anime sketch
Captain Harlock's anime sketch
Akira's Tetsuo anime sketch
Saint Seiya's Shiryu anime cel
City Hunter's Ryo Saeba anime cel
Cobra anime cel
Sailor Moon anime cel
Dragon Ball Z's Yamcha anime cel
Hokuto no Ken anime cel
Saint Seiya's Ikki anime sketch
Dragon Ball Z's Freeza anime cel

Acquire authentic anime production artworks (and other collectibles)

We are one of the largest collectors of authentic and unique anime sketches and celluloids handmade by Japanese animation studios and used to realise the actual anime of the last century such as Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, City Hunter, Cobra and many others!


Once upon a time, before evil computers seized power, anime were handmade by fine craftsmen and craftswomen inside well-guarded animation studios.


Their hands pencilled and painted unique drawings,  celluloids and backgrounds which were utilised to make actual anime.


The images you see watching your favorite anime are these very same celluloids animated over backgrounds.