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Jonathan Garnier (1977) | French | Photography


Ancre 1


For Jonathan Garnier, it all started in California, thanks to the inspiring light reigning over there. “I was mostly taking an interest on the view I got of the United States before and after I landed. The discovery of all those codes Americans use to create their own identity. California is still young and so is its culture; everyone is looking for his own identity. Some families brought traditions from their home country, but many people there can't track their own ancestors or have too many origins. And so they became attached to newer codes, newer values tied to religion, politics, sports, arts, lifestyle. California is, before anything else, a fantastic human lab where everything is mixed, where a lot of movements are born. Obviously, it has its pros and cons.”


Fascinated by the American Dream ideology of the 50s, Jonathan brings back to life the myths and realities of that period through hyper-realist pictures that he edits on wood panels, which allows to viewers to jump back in time.



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