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Seb Toussaint is a British and French street artist whose work is derived from graffiti and inspired by the many places he has painted in. After cycling around the world in 2011/2012, he came up with the idea of the “Share The Word Project”. In this project, he asks people of marginalised communities to express words that he then paints on their houses. The aim is to use the power of graffiti to highlight people's voices, especially people whose voices aren't usually heard beyond their communities.

Every year since 2013, Seb Toussaint works in several slums or refugee camps around the world for one month each time. To this day, he has painted 137 murals in communities of Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Egypt, Colombia, the Philippines, Ethiopia, France, Brazil, India and Iraq. When back home in Normandy, France, Seb Toussaint spends time painting on canvases the words that have been given to him on his adventures.

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